As media partner with Impact17 for the STEP into a Better World conference in Geneva, Global Insights Magazine and Global Geneva Group have co-hosted a number of pod interviews (available below) with key players. These conversations focus on the importance of STEP’s four key approaches, notably multi-sectoral partnering, environment & nature, technology and innovation, and sustainable society.

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Here are the pod interviews, or conversations, by Global Geneva editor Edward Girardet in conjunction with Impact17 featuring select key actors in their fields on how to take multi-sectoral partnerships further. Global Geneva would like to thank all interns and volunteers who have helped with this particular project, notably Sydney Delaney, Ivy Wandia, Peter Murr and Triona Byrne.

Edward Girardet, Editor of Global Geneva

STEP-Global Geneva Pod Conversations

Rob van Tudler: A prolific author, van Tudler is Professor of International Business-Society Management at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Podcast LINK

Noa Gafni: Executive Director at Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation, New York, NY, USA. Podcast LINK

Dr. Ahmed Al-Meraikhi. United Nations Secretary-General’s Humanitarian Advisor and Chair of the Global Humanitarian Action Executive Alliance (GHAEA). Podcast LINK.

James ‘Chip’ Cottrell: Senior Advisor To Deloitte Global on Ethics, Integrity and Governance matters, United States. Podcast LINK.

Cynthia Figge: CEO and Co-founder of CSRHub and Co-founder of EKOS in Issaquah, Washington, United States. Podcast LINK.

Elaine Dezenski: Founder and CEO of LumiRisk, an international risk advisory advancing transformational initiatives in transparency, anti-corruption, good governance, and security. Podcast LINK

Navroop K. Sahdev: Founder and CEO of The Digital Economist, a Fellow at MIT and an expert in Blockchain. Podcast LINK

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