British journalist filming in Afghanistan. (Photo: Edward Girardet)

Welcome to this first in our series of information webcasts and video specials focusing on quality journalism, compelling writing, photojournalism, videography, cartooning, leadership and other communications skills, including how to counter cyber abuse in social media. While aimed primarily at young people, our initiative should prove of interest to all ages, and no matter where in the world.

We are making this free in the public interest, but hope that parents and sponsors will contribute (please specify Youth Writes webinars). You can view this first webinar here or download here. Articles referred to in the webinar include William Dowell’s recent piece on pandemics and Karin Wenger’s on how Bangkok and other megacities in southeast Asia are sinking. Jérôme Le Carrou of Nexstep was also present toward the end of the discussion. (Youth Writes is supported by the Jan Michalski Foundation for Writing & Literature in Switzerland)

Together with Nexstep and other partners, including top foreign correspondents and writers, film-makers, cartoonists and media specialists, Youth Writes plans to expand these online ventures – once COVID-19 permits – into regular physical (but also webcast) workshops, youth conferences and weekend writing camps, whether in Europe, Asia, Africa or elsewhere. These will focus on trusted journalism, improved communications skills and other forms of credible information outreach.

High school students across the globe can already take part in our Youth Writes Awards Challenge (see article and awards link for more information) for the best of fact or fiction writing (1000 words maximum) on any international Geneva theme, or one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The top three will receive travel grants worth 1200, 750 & 500 CHF/USD as well as the chance to get published. This is an opportunity that no one should miss!

We will also help young people find professional internships or volunteerships, something that Nexstep is already doing, particularly in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China and other parts of Asia. (See article).

Our overall objective is to provide young people with the communications skills they need, regardless whether they become entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, lawyers, civil servants, doctors, journalists, teachers…Everyone needs to know how to write well and how to put across their ideas…

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