Teach your children well...have we lost the thread? Global Geneva contributing cartoonist Jeff Danziger is a member of Cartooning for Peace.

The role of political cartooning. As part of Global Geneva’s Youth Writes initiative, American cartoonist Jeff Danziger, a member of the Geneva-based Cartooning for Peace, explores why young people need to be aware of modern-day threats to democracy from the United States and Germany to Russia, China and the Middle East. See also Global Geneva article on Danziger – a cartoonist on the political frontline. 

Saudi Arabia, refinery attack, US-Saudi treaties, US military, political cartoon
Northern Irish Border, Boris Johnson, Brexit, hard border, troiubles, political cartoon
China, Hong Kong. crackdown, protest, political cartoon
David Koch dies, Hell, Nixon, political cartoon
Boris Johnson, Brexirt, Oliver Twist, Please sir i want some more, Dickens quote, political cartoon
Boris Johnson, dead in a ditch, Tories, UK, Brexit, political cartoon
Putin, Alexei Navalny, Russian democracy, debate, political cartoon
Hong Kong riots, US Flags, made in China, political cartoon
Trump Country, Trump Crazy, political cartoon
London pub, British politics, Boris Johnson, Conservative Party, Tories, political cartoon
Yalta Conference, Churchill, Rooseveltm Stalin, Boris Johnson, Trump, Putin, political cartoon
Germany, new-Nazis, Walter Lübcke killing, political cartoon
Trump, Military planning, bomb Iran, political cartoon
Trump, Saudis, diplomact, political cartoon
Jared Kushner, Saudi money, bribes, nuclear weapons, MBS, poilitical cartoon

See Global Geneva article on Jeff Danziger, a cartoonist on the political frontline. https://global-geneva.com//jeff-danziger-a-cartoonist-on-the-political-frontline/

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