The annual literary festival, Le livre sur les quais, is in Morges this weekend. The festival gathers together an array of French, Swiss and international writers, both French and English speaking, who will give talks, readings, discuss their books, exchange ideas and provoke us all to think differently about the world. The festival is about words, worlds, writing and imagination.

Many authors visiting Morges are the finest writers in the world – prize winners, widely reviewed everywhere and highly respected. Irish writers are our special guests this year as Ireland is the country Guest of Honour. With Anne Enright, John Boyne, Kevin Barry, Donal Ryan, Sara Baume, Kit de Waal and Paul McVeigh, they represent the breadth and depth of the current Irish writing. Innovative, playful, challenging, willing to take risks in their prose and poetry, they are real descendants of Joyce and Beckett.

Hisham Matar, Pulitzer winner author of The Return, will talk about retracing the steps of his father, a Libyan dissident who disappeared in Libya during the ​G​addafi regime. He will talk about migration, refugees, and asylum seeking with Melissa Fleming, chief​ spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and an author of a new book about a young and courageous Syrian woman, and Jason Donald, the author of a
​compelling and compassionate​ novel about a Kenyan asylum seeker in the UK.

The Geneva Writers’ Group will run a literary cruise on Sunday with two very successful debut writers, Kit de Waal  and Paul McVeigh, who will talk about writing, finding their own voice and process of being published. GWG also organises creative writing workshops during the festival

The Morges festival takes place over the weekend with many events to choose from​, both in French and in English​. The old town is beautiful, the views over the lake and the Alps breathtaking and the atmosphere friendly and relaxed. Readers can chat to writers individually during signing sessions. According to the organizers, it is more than just an enjoyable weekend of wonderful storytelling.

In order to book tickets or a day pass you need to visit the festival website: