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Congratulations. Your print and web journal is truly impressive. Please accept my congratulations and warm wishes for your success and hard work. Doing this kind of work to the quality you have achieved in the current environment is remarkable. Brij K., Geneva

This is precisely what international Geneva needs. A print and online magazine that is not afraid to look at issues that need more public debate. I also like the idea of treating ‘international Geneva’ as a concept without frontiers. I read every article in the magazine, something I rarely do. Hans-Peter Schurren, Bern

Excellent job with Global Geneva. Much appreciate that you are focusing on themes in need of more critical exposure and reporting. My only fear is that this is not the first publication that has tried to cover the extraordinary potential of Geneva. I only hope the Swiss and Geneva governments realize what an amazing information tool you are offering. They should be supporting you without question. Trudy Mercer, Geneva

Bravo. Well done! Michael Keating, Mogadishu


I really enjoyed your pilot issue, particularly the articles on FIFA and Corruption in Africa. Good to see that we Africans are not the only ones who are corrupt. More articles like this please. This is what good journalism should be doing here in Africa. My question regarding FIFA article. Why was it the FBI that arrested these 14 culprits and not the Swiss police? As far as I know, the Swiss have been aware of FIFA’s corruption for years. Peter J. Nairobi


Donatella Lorch hit the nail on the head with her piece on Trailing Spouses. And what wonderful writing. The Trailing Spouse syndrome is something that affects so many of us, not just in Switzerland but all over the world. Janet Christen, New Delhi

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