Anne Frank

Published on 25 June, 1947, Anne Frank’s diary ranks as one of the world’s most read books. We are re-hilighting the following ARTICLE from Global Insights in 2019 about the young German-Jewish teenager whose clandestine wartime diary in the Netherlands has touched the hearts of hundreds of millions. Editor Edward Girardet remembers Buddy Elias, a close family friend and the first cousin of Anne (her last living relative), who himself died on 16 March, 2015, in Basel, Switzerland. Until his death, Elias had served as the President of the Anne Frank Fonds, a Swiss foundation, fighting for nearly 40 years to ensure that his cousin’s legacy of peace and tolerance not be forgotten. Highly relevant today with Russia’s brutal Naxi-style war in Ukraine, it is also an issue that the United Nations ranging from human rights to mediating in the Middle East needs to take into account. SEE FULL ARTICLE