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Supporting Global Geneva

You can become a Support Member of Global Geneva Group, our Swiss non-profit association based in Geneva, Switzerland. Or you can donate, subscribe, advertise or sponsor. You can also provide a support grant. (See credit/debit card or direct CHF/EUR/USD/GDP bank transfer options below)

Why Support Us?

Quite simply, because quality journalism costs money. By becoming an individual or corporate Support Member, or donating, you can help us make Global Geneva Online ( and its print and e-edition Global Insights Magazine, more available to readers worldwide. This includes high school and university students, aid workers and concerned individuals interested in International Switzerland themes. It also helps commission the reporting we need to counter the rise in false news, disinformation, un-truths and propaganda that is increasingly undermining democratic societies and the world we live in.

Professional and reliable journalism is the most effective way for promoting accountability in the public interest. It is also crucial for highlighting the sort of stories that will enable people, both young and old, make informed decisions about their lives and the planet we live on.

Your support can help us work with some of the world’s best journalists, writers, photographers, cartoonists, film-makers and media specialists. And to share their reporting with everyone. We seek to uphold the finest traditions of independent journalism by providing the critical insight needed to reveal through compelling writing, inspirational imagery and new ideas what is happening in our world.

Our audiences are global, but we also specifically seek to inform International Switzerland, including the United Nations and related community in the Lake Geneva Region, interested in key planetary issues. You can help us by contributing any amount in CHF, EUR, USD & GBP. (Monthly, annually, one-time). See below for direct bank transfer to our multi-currency IBAN, Paypal or VISA.

You can do this by joining our Member Support Group as a concerned individual or an institution. You can contribute as little as 5 USD/CHF/EUR per month (or 60 USD/CHF/EUR a year). In this manner, you can become part of a growing world community of people interested in issues that matter. And that require solutions through better information. In return, you will receive our members’ newsletter plus have access to our print and e-editions and Youth Writes programme.

Corporate and institutional members (a minimum 500 USD/CHF/EUR) will also have the right to offer opeds to our special Member Column as long as they meet our editorial requirements. (For additional support, we can provide editing expertise with the help of editors across the globe to ensure that such articles are both credible and readable).

Suggested Options

  • Individual Support Group Member: By donating 60-99 CHF (USD/EUR or GBP equivalent) you have full access to all stories on our website, including the e-edition of Global Geneva Plus free entry to any Global Geneva conference events.
  • Full Support Group Member: 100 CHF or more (USD/EUR or GDP equivalent)
  • Subscriber: You can simply subscribe for 80 CHF or more (USD/EUR or GBP equivalent), you will receive a year’s subscription to the print edition of Global Geneva.
  • Corporate/Institutional: By donating 500 CHF or more (or USD/EUR/GBP equivalent), we can deliver (within Switzerland) a box of Global Geneva print edition (45 copies) to your office for your employees and clients. (Contact us if you wish to receive more than a box or whether you are outside Switzerland).

To advertise, sponsor a project or make a grant, please contact:

Payment or contribution options

1. By credit or debit card


2. Direct Bank Transfers

For direct bank transfers in CHF/EUR to our Swiss bank account for our non-profit support component: Global Geneva Group (Box (Box 27, Salle de Presse Nr 1, Palais des Nations, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland)

CHF Transfers: Global Geneva Group 

IBAN: CH69 0844 0258 0699 8200 1

Bank Cler AG
Clearing: 8440
Swiss postal account: 40-8888-1
Swiss BVRB account: 01-4491-2

EUR Transfers: Global Geneva Group

IBAN: CH42 0844 0258 0699 8200 2


Bank Cler AG
Clearing: 8440
Swiss Postal account: 40-8888-1
Swiss BVRB Account: 01-4491-2

For direct bank transfers in CHF/USD/EUR/GBP (Advertising, sponsorship or support subscriptions) 


IBAN: GB60 REVO 0099 6990 7615 89


Beneficiary address: The Black Church, St Mary’s Place., Dublin, DO7 P4AX, Ireland

Bank Payment institution: Revolut


  1. I wish to become a Member, how do I do this. The window for post a comment just disappears when I try to write in it.
    I would like to receive a print copy as I live in Zurich
    Please tell me how I can do this, and how to pay the subscription. I do not do Pay Pal

  2. Very impressive initiative that is much needed in Geneva. Chapeau!

    I would like to become a member of the Global Geneva Support Community but don’t use Pay Pal. Is there another way to pay?

    Thank you.


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