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Peter Kenny (Geneva), Donatella Lorch (Ankara),

Jean McKenzie (Kabul), Mort Roseblum (Paris),

Mark Schapiro (San Francisco), Peyman Pejman (Paris),

Charles Norchi (Portland, Maine)


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Jonathan Randal, Ahmed Rashid, Kim Gordon-Bates

Editor & Founder | Edward Girardet (Geneva)

Edward Girardet is editor of the Global Geneva Magazine Project. A Swiss-American journalist and author, he is a former Special Correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor and US Public Television’s NewsHour. Girardet has reportedly widely throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and Central America with a focus on humanitarian, conflict, environmental and media issues. He has written for leading magazines and newspapers such as National Geographic, Financial Times, International New York Times, The Guardian and Foreign Policy as well as reported TV documentaries on subjects ranging from lost tribes in Western New Guinea to Angola’s civil war. Girardet has authored and/or edited over a half a dozen books, including Somalia, Rwanda and Beyond and The Essential Field Guide to Afghanistan (now in its 4th edition). His latest book is Killing the Cranes – A Reporter’s Journey Through Three Decades of War in Afghanistan. Girardet was a co-founding director of Media Action International (formerly the International Centre for Humanitarian Reporting). A media advisor and consultant, he is also a journalist Executive-in-Residence at the Geneva Center for Security Policy.