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Global Geneva’s Young Journalists’ and Writers (YWP) Programme is offering travel awards of up to CHF1200 for the best projects, plus the chance to have their articles published. Aimed at junior and senior high school students (14-19 years-old), the programme’s purpose is two-fold:

  • To encourage young people to improve their writing and other communication skills in English regardless which career they later choose;
  • To help young people better understand the risks of false news, disinformation, ‘untruths’, ‘alternative facts’ and propaganda, and to discern what is credible – and what is not – on the internet and in social media.

Global Geneva editor Edward Girardet says: “We already have international schools on board from Basel to Geneva. Thanks to the ALCEA Foundation, we’re also reaching out to Swiss public schools with English-language components.” The magazine hopes to expand the initiative to other parts of the world as soon as possible given recent approaches by schools in Holland, Germany and Thailand, he adds.

Countering disinformation & cyber abuse

“We want to encourage teenagers from the international community to get first-hand experience of International Geneva issues such as humanitarian response, conservation, climate change, world trade and health. We also want to help them deal in their daily life with the rising clouds of disinformation and cyber abuse spreading across social networks and even mainstream media.”

Girardet, a veteran Swiss-American foreign correspondent, documentary film-maker and author, says: “Journalism is in crisis, and not just financially. The global issues on which Switzerland’s international community works to improve life for everyone, and particularly those worst off, receives less and less attention from the media. The solutions can only come from young people who are well-informed and committed to spreading their knowledge to their peers. We hope our programme will contribute to raising that awareness.”

All participating schools will receive complimentary copies (4,000) of Global Geneva starting with the magazine’s latest 2018/19 Winter Edition. Teachers, students and parents are encouraged to contact Global Geneva as soon as possible to express their interest.

The YJW programme offers a unique opportunity for young people to be published by Global Geneva and other partner media. (Submitted articles: 800-1500 words). Pieces can be first person and based on their own experiences. They can also be about a summer job, internship or journey. Or a school project inducing positive change for a better world. Imperative, though, is to write clearly, accessibly and in an informed manner capable of reaching out to both young and old. The first round of story selection should be done by teachers to ensure quality before students submit their entries to the editors. Students are free to submit more than one story or media project.

Global Geneva: A magazine committed to quality journalism & education

As an English-language publication of quality, Global Geneva was launched in December 2016 on a voluntary basis by a group of highly experienced foreign correspondents and media specialists. They were concerned by the need for a return to critical, independent and professional journalism in the public interest as the most credible way of promoting more informed awareness of global issues, many represented by the International Switzerland community. Global Geneva’s focus today is on compelling writing with insight, new ideas and possible solutions – but also an emphasis on adventure travel and cultural subjects – with a commitment to work with schools and other educational institutions.

While progress was initially slow, support for Global Geneva is finally growing. As of June, 2018, the magazine was incorporated in Dublin, Ireland, as a project of Crosslines Media International (Ireland). Global Geneva operates editorially out of Switzerland, but relies on a world-wide network of over 2,000 journalists, writers, photographers, cartoonists, film-makers and media specialists. It is published in print/e-edition four times a year (plus 1-2 additional special issues). Its target audience is the International Switzerland community, both at home or abroad. While the print edition is distributed primarily in Switzerland on a sponsored complimentary basis, it is also sold in select kiosks. The online version is steadily attracting readers world-wide, many of whom saw Global Geneva while visiting Switzerland on business or for conferences.

Global Geneva has just launched its fifth edition with diverse articles, but also two FOCUS reports, notably on the destruction of cultural heritage in time war and on Afghanistan. The editors are now in the process of introducing a French-language component, eventually leading to a French print and e-edition. For funding, Global Geneva relies on individual support, foundation grants, sponsored distribution of complimentary copies, and advertising.

For further information, please contact: The Editors, Global Geneva magazine. Email:

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