Global Geneva reports with insight and compelling writing on planetary issues ranging from humanitarian reponse and climate change to environment, health and peace & security.

Global Geneva is an editorially-independent print and online magazine based in Dublin, Ireland, and Geneva, Switzerland, that operates in the public interest. This includes its journalistically and educationally-based initiatives, such as our Youth Writes programme. We have opted to offer our content for free to readers worldwide. Hence we rely on diverse support, including foundation grants, sponsorship and other forms backing by those who recognize and trust the work we are doing.

Quality journalism, however, costs money. While we ensure that our operational overheads remain as low as possible, we need your backing in order to cover editorial, production, distribution and other costs. Only in this manner can we plan ahead in order to commission the high-quality and diverse articles and other forms of content that we need to serve our readers.

Global Geneva is published by Crosslines Media International (Dublin) Ltd. For foundation grants, we have established a non-profit component, Global Geneva Group registered as an association in Geneva, Switzerland. For more information, please contact: The Editors.

Principal donors & contributors

Vera Hoffmann-Michalski &
Jan Michalski Foundation

Yann Borgstedt &
Womanity Foundation

Oak Foundation

Presence Switzerland

Radar Technologies International

Global Geneva Support Group

Geneva Global Partners

Cartooning for Peace, Geneva

Le News

Rory Peck Trust, London

Frontline Club, London

Nexstep – Advanced Experiential Learning, Hong Kong