Better Mapping for Better Journalism

Willie Shubert of the Washington DC-based New Security Beat explores new visual tools for improving environmental journalism. Nearly every local story has a global context. This is especially true when it comes to the environment, and there...

‘Soon your planet will be punished’

Is doomster fiction coming true? Well, maybe Geneva has the answer "American culture is now insane. In its cultural, social, and political behaviour, the United States resembles a baby almost uneducated and increasingly uninterested...

Frontline Earth: Maidan, Taksim, Tahrir – Revolution 2.0

The following piece in French is by Essential Edge French editor Daniel Wermus.  Geneva -- Chaque bouleversement technologique a, dans l’histoire, produit un bouleversement social. L’imprimerie a déclenché la Réforme. La révolution industrielle, le mouvement...