Advertising with Global Geneva

Global Geneva is where to find compelling journalism on the stories, ideas, lifestyles but above all people that shape international Geneva. We are not just about ‘good’ and accessible writing, but insight. We investigate and provide meaningful analysis that enables readers to better understand the global impact of what is increasingly perceived as the heart of Europe. As a ‘local’ magazine with world-wide readership, Global Geneva reaches out to a well-travelled and highly influential professional community of internationals, bringing together the public and private sector on key issues ranging from humanitarian response and climate change to world trade, human rights and conservation.

We seek to show that ‘International Geneva’ is not just about the United Nations or international finance. It is about a unique community of humanitarians, entrepreneurs, academics, aid workers, scientists, diplomats, artists, journalists, advocates, security and risk specialists, lawyers, consultants and researchers whose organizations, activities and expertise affect the entire planet. By advertising with Global Geneva, you will not only be reaching those living and working in the Lake Geneva region, but also those operating from Singapore to Mexico and linked in one way or another to ‘international Geneva’, This includes the more than 200,000 professionals who come to Geneva every year for international conferences, workshops and other events. 

Design Specifications


Two-page spread 428mm x 305mm [with bleed] | 420mm x 297mm [final]
Full page / Cover 218mm x 305mm [with bleed] | 210mm x 297mm [final]
1/2 page horizontal 218mm x 156.5mm [with bleed] | 210mm x 148.5mm [final]

All files must be submitted as PDF/X-1a:

  • All fonts MUST be embedded
  • The color space must be CMYK or Grayscale
  • Resolution: 300 dpi


Hero 1070px x 450px
Banner 1070px x 200px
Side Bar 325 x 550px
Mini Bar 210px x 355px

All files must be submitted as PNG:

  • color space must be RGB or Grayscal
  • Resolution: 72dpi